Tuesday, 27 November 2012

IKEA Love: No clothesline? No problem!

Maman Bijou's beautiful clothesline
I love the sight of clothes drying on a line, blowing in the wind, multicoloured clothes pegs holding XL undies up to the sunshine... well... teeny tiny diapers would be cuter! Unfortunately, clotheslines don't work everywhere, including in my condo complex. But I can still save electricity by line drying some of my laundry, including Wolfie's cloth diapers. And, thanks to these IKEA drying racks, it doesn't have to take up a lot of space!

GRUNDTAL Wall Rack: We put this up over our bathtub, so any drips just go down the drain. When nothing is drying, it folds flat against the wall.

Wall rack in our bathroom
MULIG 4-Tier Drying Rack: What a nice rack! (Ha ha!) It has wheels so I can move it where I need it. The different tiers can be opened or closed depending on what you're drying. You can open it only half way so it takes up less space. It can be folded flat and stored under the bed or the sofa.

Diapers drying by the window
Just because you can't set up a clothesline outside doesn't been you can't enjoy the energy savings of line drying! (And, you can line dry year round!)

**I am in no way affiliated with IKEA- I just like their stuff! (If you are an IKEA executive and want to offer me free $1 breakfasts for life and a lifetime pass to the ballroom, I'm in!)

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